Your Life in Numbers: Numerology


No matter what language you speak, numbers are universal. Numerology is the language of numbers, and can give us insights on our lives and on the universe, similar to astrology. We can view this concept by thinking about the universe being stripped down to it’s bare elements, represented by numbers. The universe is a connected system, and numbers can show us those connections and our place within the system. For example, each letter has a number correlated to it, and each number gives a cosmic vibration. Our names, birth dates, and other information about our individual selves all have numbers that tell us about our individual character, our drives, our talents, and many other individual characteristics.

So what can we use Numerology for? Similar to astrology, we can use this information to give us insight about our inner selves, and use them to help with future decisions. Although we are associated with many numbers in different regards, our most important number is called a life path number. We can calculate this number simply by adding the numbers from your birth date. This number is similar to your astrological sign, giving you insight on your personality traits and your path through life. Your expression number can also reveal these traits. Each letter of your name is correlated with a number and when added will give your expression number.

Numerology is vast and complicated, and the only way to get a thorough reading is to go to a professional. These are just a few examples of numbers you can use to identify yourself!


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