What is Astral Projection?


Astral Projection can be thought of like an out of body experience, but that is not all it entails. It is the ability to separate your spiritual self from your physical body; this allows you to explore what is called “the astral realm”. This realm is shared by all spirits, alive or dead. This is why you may see loved ones who have passed on while you are Astral Projecting. It is entirely different than Lucid Dreaming, as Lucid Dreaming is simply controlling your dreams, while Astral Projecting is being able to visit an actual realm that exists.

So what are the steps in order to achieve this state? It’s important to remember that it is not something that can be mastered in a day; in fact, you may have astral projected and not even realized it! In order to be able to access this realm willingly, meditation is the first step. Being able to calm your body and mind entirely will open up the ability for your mind to enter the astral realm. Once you accomplish calming your mind and body, you will enter into a state of vibration. You want to allow yourself to give into these vibrations, do not fear or fight them. This will allow you to remove your soul from your body, and will allow you to astral project.


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