What Do We Look Like On The Other Side?


W hen we think about death and the after life, we think about how different our spirits will live on in comparison to our lives now. An eternal life in heaven means a life free of pain and suffering, forever feelings of happiness and joy. I get asked by clients about the Other Side and how their family members who have passed are functioning and feeling. Are they out of pain? Are they having a good time? Is grandma winning big at the casino in the sky? One of the more frequent questions I get is what their loved ones look like. This is a very important question, especially for those whose last memories of loved ones were of them looking fragile and ill. It is also important for us who are still living. As we grow older, we may long for a younger physical body, a body without imperfections or pain. The good news is there is nothing to fear about our physical bodies when we cross over. On the Other Side, we take the age where we were most physically healthy. When I am channeling a spirit who was elderly when they passed, they do not appear that age. I typically see those who passed when they were elderly looking around the age of 35. I always tell my clients “Don’t worry, grandma looks GOOD!”


In a place where suffering no longer exists, our physical bodies no longer ail us. All of those imperfections on your face? Gone! All of those pesky wrinkles? Don’t exist! Those on the Other Side don’t have to worry about their physical appearances, as they are always healthy and young. We have this to look forward to: a life without worry and a life with perfect health (physical, internal, and mental). We’re going to look GREAT in heaven!



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