What are Haunted Objects?


From dolls to clocks, to children’s toys, you may have heard of objects being haunted from television or movies. Haunted objects, or spirit attachments, are not just something out of Hollywood. Any object can house a spirit. Antiques are renowned for housing older spirits, so be wary when you are antique shopping. It is important to remember that not all spirit attachments are evil, although it is possible that they are parasitic. So why do spirits attach themselves to items? For one, the spirit may want to be closer to the living. More negative spirits attach themselves so they can take the energy from those living around it. So what are the signs that an object has an attachment? People who are in the presence of a haunted object report the object moving on its own, temperature changes around the object, “feeling” strange energy around the object, as well as other strange happenings around their home. It is important to identify what object the happenings are coming from, in order to rid your home of negative energy. However, an item that has a loved one attached to it could be a gift. It’s a reminder that our loved ones are always with us, not just spiritually, but physically.


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