Video: Akashic Records and a Reading


In this reading from Psychic Encounters, I mentioned Ms. Barb’s book of life. This “book of life” is called The Akashic Records, a book located in the ethereal world that describes each of our past, present, and future lives, as well as our thoughts and emotions. In essence, this book is the documentation of your soul’s journey. So what is the purpose of this record keeping? The book allows us to view our progress in-between lifetimes and allows us to correct any imbalances that may hinder spiritual advancements when returning to our bodies in reincarnation. The book is viewed after we die with our spirit guide. We are able to see everything we did well, all our good deeds, and everything we did not so well. Barb’s mom was reading from this book to tell her that her friend Cheryl and her have together for many lifetimes!


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