Psychic, Medium, or Both? What’s the Difference?



hat’s the difference between being a psychic and being a medium? This is a question I am left with a lot, as many of the terms in my field are defined by whatever TV and movies have taught us. I, myself, am both a psychic and a medium. However, other people in my field are many times one or the other. So what’s the difference and why does it matter? It’s always important to do your research before seeing any spiritual professional in order to get exactly the information you’re looking for. It’s important to note that these terms are not exclusive to one another, not all mediums have psychic abilities and not all psychics have medium abilities. So if you’re looking to know if a tall, dark, and handsome man is waiting for you somewhere in the future, you wouldn’t want to see someone who is just a medium. If you’re looking to talk to your grandmother who has passed, you wouldn’t want to see someone who is solely a psychic. If you want both types if information, about the future and those who have passed, you’d seek out someone with the psychic-medium title.

A Psychic is someone who can foresee the future.

Think crystal balls and tarot cards. Someone who is purely psychic reads your aura, but does not communicate with the dead. A psychic can give you insights about relationships, money, career, and love. They do not have the ability to channel the Other Side.

A Medium is someone who communicates with the dead.

A medium is someone who can talk to spirits on the other side. They are the bridge between the living and the dead. They communicate with those who have passed, and receive information by channeling with entities and spirits.

A Psychic-Medium has both abilities

This is the person you would want to go to in order to receive the whole package, information about the future as well as communicating with loved ones who have passed.


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