The Karyn Reece Show


Every month, at the WBBZ Studio in Buffalo New York, I film of my very own show, The Karyn Reece Show. On the show, we talk about everything from spirits, to astrology, to fashion. My co host, Sarah De Felice , myself, and a special guest are here to engage and inform you about the living, the dead, and our own spiritual experiences.Our largest segment of the show is live readings from our audience members, where I connect with loved ones who have passed and give you their messages you have been waiting for. The show is so much fun, the energy from a live (and dead!) audience is like no other.

Want to take part and learn about the secrets from beyond? Want to win a chance to have a special connection with a loved one who has passed? Do you love winning special prizes? Be part of our audience! Simply click the link below and buy tickets to our next show. Can’t wait to see you there!


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