New Living Space? Tips on How to Cleanse Your New Home


Happy Spring everyone! With the warm weather (slowly) approaching, a lot of people are moving into new spaces. If you’re about to move into a new home or other living space, or maybe want a spiritual spring cleaning, here are some tips on how to cleanse your home of negative energy to ensure your space is safe and ready for happy memories!

Holy Water

Holy water is always my go to when doing a house cleanse. It will get rid of any negative or evil spirits that may be in the house. Be sure to surround yourself with God’s white light, and to ask any negative space to leave, as you are a child of God and it is your home. Be sure to stand strong and firm, make it known that it is your house now!


Sage is better for negativity cleansing, not so much for spirits. The sage will help to purify your living space, and help wake up any stagnant areas. You’ll be able to feel the energy in your new space clear up, and can begin to make it your own.


Crystals can help keep your space protected from any future negativity, a type of precaution once you have cleared the space of negative energy and spirits. Black Tourmaline is a good crystal for getting rid of negative energy, but it depends on your specific needs.


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