How To Ensure a Good Reading


So it’s your first time having a private psychic reading. Your excitement levels are equivalent to the fear and anxiety you are feeling. What should you expect? How should you act? What if the psychic can’t read you? Most people who come into my office with these questions always walk out with a smile on their face and sigh of relief; there really is nothing to fear when receiving a reading. However, there are ways to prepare in order to get the best reading possible. The facts listed below I always keep in my office, and they can give you a better idea on what to expect. Doing your research can truly make all the difference.

The Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium

Psychics can see the past present of future. Mediums communicate with the dead. All Mediums are Psychics but not all Psychics are Mediums.

Psychic Abilities & Mediumship Range in Skill Level

The most fundamental is intuition, the next involves the use of tools such as crystal balls, tarot cards, etc. and then there are those that don’t use any tools. Most psychics fall into a middle category. Due to the industry being unregulated, it is important to research the practices of the psychic you are seeing. Referrals are one way to obtain a legitimate psychic. High end psychics, which are also mediums, are a rarity. What sets them apart from others is that they don’t use psychic tools, and they are extremely accurate with their information and predictions. While many psychics or psychic mediums may claim to have “uncanny and accurate abilities” very few are as consistent with detailed information. I myself am categorized as an Extremely High End Psychic Medium, based on my accuracy percentage.

Psychics Have No Control Over The Information That Comes Through In a Reading

Psychics or psychic mediums have no control over who from the Other Side comes in or what information comes in during a reading. The person receiving the reading is in control, as well as their loved ones from the Other Side. If you are unclear about something or if you do not like what is being said, or haven’t connected with a loved one or would like more information etc, be sure to ask you psychic when the time is right.

It’s Important To Listen To What Your Psychic Is Telling You, Not What You Think He or She Is Telling You

Pay attention to what is actually being said and not to what you think is being said. The biggest mistake that anyone can make when they go for a reading is expecting to hear what they think they should hear or they misunderstand what a psychic is saying because they are putting a psychic’s message into their from of understanding. A psychic’s information comes from guides, our loved ones, akashic records, and your aura. Again, a psychic medium is simply reflecting your world, past, present and future.

What Makes a Reading Valid

Many people have the misconception that a valid reading is one that will knock your socks off. This is a false assumption. A valid reading should reveal something that connects with you in the here and now. By confirming this information you know that you are with a real psychic and that chances are that his or her predictions are on target.

No Psychic or Psychic Medium is 100% Accurate

They may be off on the interpretation, but that information is always somehow connected! Most psychics or psychic medium’s average 61% accuracy, which is still good. High level psychics are fewer than 8% of all psychics. Fewer than 5% of high level psychics are truly gifted mediums. My accuracy rate is 98%, making me in the top 1% of psychics nationwide.


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