Do Words Have Energy?


We all know that words affect us. Even though your mom may have told when you were young the phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me” we are still always effected by the words people say to us, and even the words we say to outselves. But to what extent do these words affect us? Words are, in fact, energy, and energy is physical. Scientists are discovering that electrons respond to the observer. This is to say, that our words have a physical effect on the being or object they are directed at.

Words also vibrate on different frequencies. When you think of the word “love” how does it feel? Now think of the word “hate”. Love vibrates on a much higher frequency than hate, you can actually feel it!

So, remember next time you are putting negative energy towards yourself, a friend, a family member, that those words are physically affecting them. Our words have power, so use them wisely!


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