As The Final Mercury Retrograde of 2018 Comes to a Close…


Has any one else been really feeling this mercury retrograde? I for one have been, and boy am I relieved that the end is near, as this years last retrograde ends tomorrow. So what is mercury retrograde anyway? Mercury retrograde occurs three to four times a year, when the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards. It is more of an illusion than anything, but either way, the retrograde really affects our day to day lives.

So what is Mercury in charge of? Mercury rules all things communication. This includes reading, writing, talking, learning, negotiating, etc. It also rules contracts, anything from school papers to leases, to wills. One of the more notable things Mercury governs is code. Phones, technology, computers, transportation, and traveling are all affected by this. Since Mercury goes into a resting period during this time, everything it rules falls off balance within our lives. You may notice issues in communication, such as misunderstandings. Or issues regarding traveling or technology. During this time, I would advise not to do any major traveling. Don’t sign any leases or sign any job contracts until the retrograde is over.  Be prepared for strange or uncomfortable communication, or communication that just feels “off”.  Use the retrograde as a time for reset. Take this time to get your life back in order. This will benefit you once retrograde is over.

The next retrograde is March 5 – 28, 2019 in water-sign Pisces.

I hope this helps, and let’s all celebrate now that we are just about out of retrograde!





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