5 Things You Didn’t Know About Talking To Dead People


I   ‘ve had medium abilities since I was a child, and have been a practicing medium for the past 15 years. I have had over 10,000 consultants (and the number grows everyday!), have been the featured psychic on many television shows (both national and local), and have led countless ghosts hunts and house cleansings; you could say I know a little about dead people! In this post, I’m going to give you a few facts about those on the Other Side and what it’s like to be the middle man between those who have crossed over and those who are in the world of the living. Hope you all enjoy, and sending you all blessings!



1. Communication is not like normal chats we have on earth.

Voices will come through when I am communicating with those on the Other Side, but not like a conversation you or I would have. Voices are many times muffled, that’s why if a spirit is talking too quickly, it can be difficult to hear exactly what they’re saying. I’ll also see pictures given by spirits, as well as feelings in my body or specific scents, all meant to convey a message from whoever is coming through to me.

2. You have to be cautious.

You always have to be careful when communicating with spirits. My strong belief in God is what keeps me protected, but anytime you are talking to the Other Side there is always a risk of a dark entity coming through. Believing strongly in God and being in charge and aware of what you’re doing are tried true tactics to keep you safe.

3. Spirits can come through when you least expect it.

I live a pretty normal life, but I can be anywhere and I’ll have spirits come through to me, many times when I least expect them to! Imagine living day to day life, like driving your car or going to the grocery store, and someone’s grandfather decides to pay you a visit!

4. Sometimes you won’t know who the spirit talking to you is right away.

This happens frequently in my practice, but there’s no such thing as coincidences. Sometimes I’ll wake up with a name stuck in my head. I’ll be hearing them talk to me all week, not knowing who it is and all of a sudden one of my clients will tell me that it’s their grandmother! No matter what, there is ALWAYS a connection.

5. Communicating with loved ones is not just for Mediums.

Although talking to the dead is second nature to me, it is possible for anyone communicate with those who have passed. We all have a little psychic energy in us, it’s just a matter of being able to manifest the little bit you may have. Meditation can help you tune into these energies and can help you receive a message from a loved one. It may not be a voice or a picture from them like a medium would receive, but more like a feeling that they are with you.


  1. I have seen you multiple times since my Mom passed in 2014 and each time you leave with me with a wonderful, peaceful feeling. Since my Mom died I have had a connection with butterflies and you confirmed that is in fact my Mom’s way of communicating with me. A few weeks ago I had a somewhat negative experience with a butterfly and it left me feeling horrible. I wonder if it had some meaning or a message. I don’t see you until January and I couldn’t wait to hear what you had to say.

    • Hi Jenn,
      That negative experience was not a sign from your mom. Oddly enough, this is a good sign, your awareness of the goof butterfly vs the bad butterfly is illuminating your own psychic abilities. Your mom would never give you anything negative, so rest assured that negative experience did not come from her. Her signs will always fill you with peace and comfort. Even when things appear negative, you always have control over how you respond emotionally you can always make lemonade out of lemons, as they say. On the surface it may appear negative, but it may just be a lesson in disguise, and the disguise is to believe in yourself and know that God and his angels are always looking out for you. God bless you and see you in January.



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