5 Different Types of Psychics You May Not Know Exist


In any field of work, there is not just one job done the exact same way. The same goes for the Psychic field; we are all fulfilling the same duties and obligations, helping people through our abilities, but there are different ways the information is received. There are many subcategories, ranging from how the the information is received (this is many times based on what senses are being influenced), to what information is received (some psychics have limitations on what they channel for example, there are psychics who can only see auras). Many psychics have multiple abilities. Below is a list of different types of psychic abilities, some that may even surprise you!


Clairvoyant means “clear seeing”, which is what exactly describes this ability. A clairvoyant is a psychic who is given information visually, meaning they see the information that is coming to them.


This is a psychic who receives information audibly, or in other words, they hear the information being received.


Clairsentience translates to “just knowing”. This is someone who receives knowledge by intrinsically. This means that they feel the information, the knowledge will simply come to them and be part of their understanding.


The ability to receive information about a person or an object by simply touching it.

Energy Manipulation

Someone with this type of ability can control energy. This energy can be physical or non-physical, and it is done by using their mind.


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