4 Tips For Better Meditation


Are you constantly stressed out? Is it making you sick, causing your whole body to ache and tense? Have you been in a mental funk, and are trying to sort through the clutter of your mind, in an attempt to find some clarity? Or perhaps you are looking to tune into your own mind, and discover your spiritual powers. If any of the above sound like you, Meditation is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Meditation can be loosely defined as a deep focus of the mind, achieved by shutting out the external world. It is used for religious purposes, aids in spiritual well being, and even has proven health benefits. Recent studies have shown that regular meditation can lower blood pressure, boost your immune system, and improve concentration.

Mediation can improve both your physical and spiritual health, by relaxing your body and increasing your spiritual awareness. In a spiritual context, meditation can aid in finding your true self, meaning in life, your spiritual guide, and insight on your spiritual path. It can bring you to a healthier, more enlightened state of being. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your meditation experience.

1 Just let go…

It may sound simple, but letting go of your physical body and your racing thoughts is the key to good meditation. When you begin your meditation session, begin by thinking about all the anxiety and stress in your life. Hold it in your mind, and imagine it as something physical, like a sphere of all that is causing your worry. Now, lead it out of your mind, and imagine it dissolving; watch all the anxiety and stress melt away. Then, begin at the top of your head, and go down your body, one part at a time. When stopping at each part, think about all the stress in that body part. Imagine it building up, and then slowly let it exit your body. As it exits, all the stress and pain in that part of your body is exits with it, leaving it completely, and totally relaxed. By doing this, you are letting go of your physical self, allowing for your subconscious to take over.

2 Be open

It is not uncommon to see visions when meditating. Do not cast any thoughts away, even ones that you wouldn’t expect to come. Be open to new experiences, without having expectations. You may see things you never imagined before! This can bring new ideas and thoughts, and has the potential to change how you see the world around you. If you are open, and truly let your mind be free, you will be able to see the true power of your own brain.

3 Listen to some meditative music

Nothing like some music to get you in the mood! Listening to meditation music can help relax your mind and encourage deep focus. Here is a link to some meditation music I find helpful:



4 Mediate often, and don’t get discouraged

So maybe it’s the first time you’re mediating. You’ve read up on all the “how to’s” and now you’re ready. But when you go to try it for yourself, nothing happens. Yeah, you may feel a bit more relaxed, but you did not have the transcendent experience you were promised! First, when meditating it is important to leave all expectations at the door. Second, meditation takes time and practice. Worrying about whether or not you are doing it right is only putting more stress on your mind! There is no right or wrong way. Just try to relax and let the rest come to you. Practice makes perfect!


I wish you all the best of luck on your spiritual journeys!





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