4 Signs Your Loved Ones are Trying to Communicate With You


When someone we love passes on, it’s hard to come to grips with our loss. We are left with many difficult questions: Where are they? Are they still with me? Does there spirit live on? Many times, we try to look for signs from our loved ones, little messages to know that they are with us and wish to communicate with us. I have compiled a list of signs which I believe to be most common signs that a spirit is trying to communicate with you. It is important to know that some spirits are more vocal than others, and each spirit communicates in a different way. This is dependent on how much ethereal energy the spirit can harness. Each spirit is different, and therefore each sign may be different. Think about how your loved ones were in their life on earth: were they extroverted and loud, or more shy and reserved? This can also effect messages from the other side, as the spirits take these characteristics and temperaments with them in the next life.  It is important to be open to these signs, no matter how small, in order for the spirit to continue to communicate with you.



1. Dreams

One of the most common ways spirits communicate with us is through our dreams. Have you ever woken up from a dream, where you were with someone who had passed, and it felt entirely real? It was if you were with them again, you could hear, see, and feel them as if they were still here. That’s because you were visiting with them! Dream states are a wonderful way in which our loved ones can connect with us once again.

2. Animals and Nature

Spirits have a tendency of trying to get our attention through natural elements. For example, if you start seeing an unusual number of butterflies wherever you go, this is a sign from a loved one. Birds, insects, and other animals are typically seen, and are all gifts given to remind you that your loved ones are close and always with you.

3. Electrical

Lights flickering, children’s electrical toys going off without explanation, and any other electrical disturbance is a loved one trying to get your attention. Never be afraid of these disturbances, as they are nothing more than your loved one trying to say hello.

4. Scents

Ever get a strong smell of perfume out of nowhere? Or maybe a whiff of cigarette smoke when you’re sitting in your living room? The scents can be specific to the person, such as cigarette smoke or someone’s perfume, or more general, like a strong scent of flowers. Either way, this is yet another way of your loved one using their energy to bring you peace and love when you are missing them.


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