3 Tips On How To Be The Best ‘You’ This Year


As the new year approaches, we reflect on our current states of being, and the effects the past year has had on our daily living. You may find yourself discontent, perhaps last years resolution of going to the gym everyday didn’t go as planned. Here’s the secret: resolutions only really work when you make the decision to change your life. There’s nothing wrong with having a goal, but for it to truly stick, your frame of mind is what needs to change. In order to start this mind switch, it is important to not think so much about the things that are wrong, but to see yourself as invaluable and as something that deserves to be taken care of. This can be achieved by putting maintenance into three areas: mind, body, and spirit.


I cannot stress enough how important mental maintenance is. Our minds are what keeps us moving. When we put our mental health to the side, we can lose track of many aspects in our lives, and our entire state of being is effected. Practicing mindfulness this coming new year can change your life dramatically. Simply slowing down once a day to simply reconnect with yourself can have a huge effect on your life. Get to know yourself better this year. Meditation and journaling are two great ways to practice this mental maintenance.


Our bodies are a gift given to us by God, and we should treat them as such. Many times when we think about our bodies, we can be very critical. Instead of thinking about changing our bodies, we need to have the mindset of simply taking care of the gift we were given. Eating right, exercising, and personal hygiene are all simple but effective ways to keep our God given gift as healthy as it can be.


Our spirit is what connects us to the earth and God. Our spirits are all connected, and are what will stay with us after we die. It is what makes us individuals, and without properly care, can result in a loss of self. We can take care of our spirits by becoming in tuned with our religious or spiritual selves through religious practice, meditation, or simply opening yourself to the spirit world.

I hope everyone has a blessed New Year!


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