3 Signs Your House May Be Haunted


I get a lot of people asking me the question “is my house haunted?” Having paranormal activity in your house can be frightening, especially when you are unsure of who or what is in your home. Unless the energy is negative (which is not very common), these signs just mean you have a visitor! This could be a loved one, a previous owner of the house, or a spirit that may be following you. Below is a list of signs that your house may be haunted, and what the signs mean. This can help you narrow down who your visitor may be. The best thing to do in these situations is to surround yourself in God’s white light, to keep yourself safe in case there is a negative entity. You can always politely ask the spirit to leave your house alone, as you are aware of their presence.

Electrical abnormalities

Have you noticed lights flickering? Or maybe electronic devices acting strange, turning on or off without anyone touching it? This is one of the most common signs that a ghost is visiting you. Spirits like to play around with electronics to get your attention.


I hear this one a lot. Seeing some sort of shadow crawling, or seeing a shadow in the corner of your eye when nothing is there. This is a very common sign that although scary, is nothing serious or threatening.

Having an “off” feeling

Sometimes, although seemingly unexplainable, it may “feel” like there is presence in your home. You may feel as if you are being watched, or there is someone right behind you. Maybe you just have the feeling that something is off. You are not imagining things, you are feeling the energy of the spirits around you.


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